Does your company supply products or services in the UK?

Is your turnover of taxable goods more than £82,000?

We understand that VAT can be a burden to people who already have their hands full running a business!

VAT is a complicated area of finance and expert knowledge is invaluable when establishing a long-term strategy for your company. Many business owners are unaware of the schemes available that can help them to optimise tax expenses. Using our years of experience we can recommend the most suitable VAT scheme for your business and take care of your VAT Returns for you. We always keep up to date with changes in VAT legislation to ensure that your business is continually compliant.

VAT services we provide

Are you under the VAT threshold?

You may not know that many businesses voluntarily register for VAT despite being under the £82,000 threshold. There are many advantages to voluntarily registering for VAT such as claiming back VAT on business expenditures and expanding your client base. Our accountant can help you decide if registering for VAT would be advantageous for your business.

There are many ways to approach VAT accounting and it is vital to choose the right one to suit your business. Alongside Standard VAT Accounting there are multiple schemes such as the Flat Rate VAT Scheme, the Cash Accounting Scheme, and the Margin VAT Scheme, all of which effect how your VAT liability is calculated. We can help you select the scheme most beneficial to your company and also potentially increase your profits.